Would you like to do something different and fun with the kids over the Halloween school break? Why not try our William Marshal Jousting Tournament sessions?

Each 1 hour session will include a mix of shield making, show and tell of Norman armoury and weapons and the main event will be learning the medieval knights’ ‘sport’ of jousting.

William Marshal was known as ‘The Greatest Knight Who Ever Lived’ and he had connections to Ferns – come along and become part of his jousting team. Learn the tricks of the trade – how knights jousted and how they prepared for a tournament. Lots of fun to be had – making sure your horse behaves is key to success.

Jousting tournaments will be held on Wednesday November 1st and Saturday, November 4th. Book your 1 hour slot between 1pm and 4pm. To book a place @ €5 for 2 , please email: [email protected] or phone 089-4946972.

The Medieval Ferns Experience is a social enterprise – run by volunteers with the support of our local community employment scheme. All funds go to the MFE to cover costs.

4 children in pantomime horses with jousting lances, standing in front of a mannequin in medieval knights costume  at the Medieval Ferns Experience
William Marshal Jousting Tournament competitors at the Medieval Ferns Experience