Diarmuid’s Trip to Wales

They screeched through the narrow streets of Pembroke, mounting kerbs, breaking lights, making up time—the ship that was to carry “Diarmuid MacMurrough Kavanagh and his Entourage” back to Wexford was being held in dock, but not for long. Sailing time- minutes away, boarding time long passed, the ramp about to be raised.

Their jeep was over 3 miles out and the occupants reaction and mood-Worry?, Anger?, Blame?, Raised voices?….. Raised voices – yes, but only in laughter and jovial comment. They would make it or die laughing in the attempt. Who are this lot? With their jeep full to over capacity – 6 in a car with 5 seatbelts!!!! surrounded by cameras, tripods, swords, baggage, most occupants in medieval dress. Who are they? They are the Ferns Gathering Medieval group of 4, with the RTE producer and cameraman crammed in, fresh from their very successful encounter with “Strongbow” and his knights at Pembroke Castle, where after being welcomed by Castle Director, John, they all sized each other up, spoke their lines and under the competent, cool direction of Niall and Ronan, the Ferns Group of Roisin, Catherine, Colm and Richie sealed the deal with Mark (Strongbow) and his mates.

And the result will be that our new Welsh cairde (“Strongbow” et al) will join us all in Ferns, during our Medieval Banquet on Sat 8th.June. But were the successful, lighthearted, speeding group of 6 stopped by the police? No, Stopped by customs? Yes – but talked/laughed their way through. Was the ramp raised- No- Catherine’s phonecalls ahead worked. So they made it? – barely. And they set sail, courtesy of Irish Ferries, on a rough crossing, where conversations were interesting and full, friendships were deepened, happy in the knowledge that their efforts on this exciting trip, will enhance the Ferns Gathering Medieval Weekend on June 7th.,8th.,and 9th.

So – Mark those dates in your diary and BE THERE!!!For Calendar of Events visit www.fernsvillage.ie

Thanks to Irish Ferries for sponsoring the trip to Wales on the Isle of Inishmore.
Thanks also to Jessica de Burca of Montague Heritage Services for her advice and providing costumes for the trip.

Pictured on the ferry on the way to Wales (left to right) Colm Morris, being interviewed by RTE’s Niall Martin as Richie Cotter and Roisin Owens look on.

Diarmuid MacMurrough and his loyal friend and Secretary Maurice O’Regan (3rd and 4th from right) meet with Strongbow (2nd from right).

Phew! We made it. Pictured from left, Ronan Hand, Cameraman; Niall Martin, Producer, RTE; Catherine MacPartlin, Colm Morris, Roisin Owens & Richie Cotter – the Ferns Gathering group.