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Harvesting Rainwater? Use a Water butt

Water butts can be used to gather and store rain water to use in a range of household and garden tasks.
o Rain water is free there will be no rates on rain water
o It can be used in a variety of household cleaning tasks
o It is an environmentally friendly option
o Can be used to clean cars
o Can be used to water gardens/plants etc.
o Can be used for toilet flushing
Water which is piped into our homes has been cleaned and filtered and is fit for drinking. This is an expensive process. Instead of using this high quality piped water, why not consider using a water butt attached to a downpipe to store rain water. You can then use this harvested water for a range of task around the home.

Can be used on round and square pipes, however there older large pipes might need to be modified. If you have a problem, please get in touch and we will advise how to resolve the issue. Get in touch on info@fernsvillage.ie.