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Ferns Heritage Project Group Activities

Scroll down to see National Heritage Week events:

Ferns Heritage Conference 2017:

ferns_heritage_conference_2017_.jpg Entitled 'A new way or the Norman way? Continuity and change in post Norman Ireland', the conference will take place on September 9th and 10th in St. Edan's Cathedral, Ferns.Click here for programme details. Booking is essential - email fernsheritageconference@gmail.com to secure your place


Photography Competition

Prize fund of €200
€100 First Prize * €50 Second Prize * €50 Third Prize
Sponsored by Renobuild

Competition deadline has been extended to December 7th.

This photography competition is the first in the series of projects which explore Ferns and what makes it unique - we would like you to capture the essence of what Ferns means to you. If you were to describe Ferns to an alien, what picture would best describe Ferns for you? You may choose to photograph an individual character, a group of people, an aspect of our built heritage or something quirky which, for you, reflects the Ferns that you know.

Competition Details:

Terms & Conditions
Download Photography Competition Application Form

You can send the information required in the application form in two ways:
Option 1: Download the form above, fill it in, take a picture and email it with your competition entry to fernsheritageproject@gmail.com or send it by Messenger on the Ferns Village Facebook page.
Option 2: Email the information required in the application form with your competition entry to fernsheritageproject@gmail.com or send it by Messenger on the Ferns Village Facebook page.


National Heritage Week Events

To celebrate National Heritage Week, we have organised the following events:

Tuesday, August 22nd: Ferns Heritage Project Group presentation in Gorey Library. Entitled ''From Ancient Capital of Leinster to Norman Invasion - Ferns, its past still in evidence'.
Venue: Gorey Library at 7.30pm.
Wednesday, August 23rd Guided tour of Ferns Village Heritage Trail - meet at the St. Edan's Cathedral car park at 3pm. Ferns Heritage Project Group is organising a guided walking tour of the Ferns Village Heritage Trail on Wednesday, August 23rd - meet at St. Edan’s Cathedral at 3pm. Hear about Ferns’ central role in Wexford’s medieval history, its significant ecclesiastical past from the coming of St. Aidan in 6th century. Walk in the footsteps of kings and saints, visit monuments commemorating 1798 and 1916 rebellions. A range of sites of interest reflecting Ferns rich history, high crosses, ruins of 13th century cathedral, a 12th century abbey, a Norman Castle, the Ferns Tapestries in Ferns Castle Visitor Centre and the smallest cathedral in Europe. The tour will take approximately 1 hr 30mins. All welcome. Contact: fernsheritageproject@gmail.com to find out more.
Thursday, August 24th Lecture & Site Visit: Dr. Edel Bhreathnach, CEO, The Discovery Programme will give a lecture entitled 'The Changing landscape of Ferns in the 11th - 13th century. Venue: St. Mogue's Cottage, Ferns at 3pm. This will be followed by a site visit to area around St. Mary's Abbey where a geophysical survey is to be conducted by The Discovery Programme. Rain or shine the lecture will take place in St. Mogue's Cottage!
The geophysical survey is being conducted by The Discovery Programme in partnership with the Department of Archaeology and Natural Sciences, NUI Galway. It is a continuation of a survey conducted in 2015 and the aim of the survey is to deepen our knowledge of the late medieval and early modern development. The Ferns Heritage Project Group wishes to thank the Irish Heritage Council for funding received for this 2017 survey.


Ferns Heritage Project Group (FHPG)

Established in 2015, the aim of the FHPG is to promote and develop Ferns’ tourism potential with particular focus on its Christian/medieval heritage. The objective of FHPG is to develop a tourism product which will showcase the story of Ferns and its place in Irish history - as an early Christian settlement, the Ancient Capital of Leinster and Gateway to Norman Wexford.

Activities to date:
    *Liaising with agencies/tourism stakeholders to raise awareness of Ferns and its significant Christian/medieval heritage.
    *Ferns Heritage Conference 2016 entitled ‘Gaelic Capital and Norman Stronghold – Ferns and the transformation of Ireland’ (link to info).
    *‘Ferns – Ask the Locals Campaign’. Because Ferns is a community rather than a tourism business, we are stimulating community engagement, encouraging our community to take ownership and become part of welcoming tourists to Ferns village. As a first step we are rolling out a social media campaign on a series of ‘Did You Know’ - snippets of information both quirky and informative which will start a conversation around our Christian/medieval heritage.
    *Photography Competition – see above
    *Survey of St. Mary’s Abbey: Sourced funding from the Irish Heritage Council for further geophysical survey of St. Mary’s Abbey to be undertaken over the coming months.
    *Ferns Heritage Conference 2017 to be held in September 9th in St. Edan’s Cathedral - information above